Here are just a few clients who have sent Skyzercise.com some testimonials:

Kelsey Bawcombe (University of Tennessee volleyball): I started a program with Skye in preparation for my Division 1 collegiate volleyball career. The standards of the next level were a huge jump from what I had been used to training with. Skye developed a program perfectly fit for what I needed to improve on, and I saw results on the court almost immediately. My strength and stamina had increased, and my vertical was noticeably higher. Thanks to Skye, I was able to enter college as a contributor to my team, playing in the starting lineup for the majority of our matches my freshman year.

Catherine Perrotta: My relationship with Skye started in 2008. She ran a group training at a local gym. I immediately began seeing results in my fitness level and strength. Fast forward to 2011 and I once again retained Skye as a fitness coach after seeing the changes she had made in her own body since our personal training days! My problem had never been exercise, I got plenty of that! My issue was with food. I ate too much of the wrong things and as a result I never saw the changes I so desperately wanted! That’s what Skye’s program did for me. She changed my relationship with food! She taught me how to eat for proper fueling of the body! There were no drastic dieting tricks, just consistent changes over time that has now become a lifestyle! My body went from average mommy body to a body that won me first place in Venice 2013 in the masters 35 plus, I was 45! Over the last 2 years I have continued to work with Skye and have taken two 2nd place wins and a 3rd as an NPC bikini competitor! Her coaching is amazing and it works!

Kimette Reeves (Mother of 4, 47 years old): Working with Skye has been delightful! I have always been fit, running marathons, doing triathlons, participating in overall body fitness courses, etc. but since having four children and nearing 50 years old I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to look once again like I did before kids and age set in. I really wasn’t sure it was possible because I ate clean and I worked out but I still had areas I wanted to improve. Well, it is possible! Skye helped me get in the best shape of my life! Her expertise in macro nutrition helped me make the minor adjustments to my diet that made major changes to my physique. She implemented a very personalized workout program uniquely designed to target areas I needed to improve. I challenged Skye in many ways as I develop muscle very easily but wanted to compete in the smallest category of fitness competitions. She worked diligently with me to bring down my more muscular areas and help me develop muscle and reduce fat in my trouble spots. My multiple trophies and Overall Sword hanging on my wall are proof of her success! Whether you have a lot to lose or are just looking to tweak your problem areas for competition Skye has what it takes to get you the absolute best shape of your life! Thanks Skye! Looking forward to working with you this year on making even more improvements and ultimately earning that pro card! Those 20 year olds better watch out!

Alicia Zummallen (mother of 5): I must say my experience with Skye Edwards has been extremely refreshing. I have seen the transformation by just sticking to the plan. After our first visit with careful questions and a good listening ear, Skye put together a professional eating and exercise plan just for me based on my goals/body type. She helped me every step of the way with clear precise coaching and the best part is she set the bar high enough to inspire me to be consistent and to never give up.. never give in. .. never. .. never. .. never

Kerrie Merrit: Do you have a desire to shed some pounds, get in shape, feel better about yourself? Then call Skye at Skyzercise Fitness. SHE KNOWS HER STUFF. I started working with Skye in January of 2013. Since that time I have lost weight, ran an half marathon, gotten pregnant and given birth to an amazing “Miracle Child”, and lost all my pregnancy weight. Skye is an amazing wealth of knowledge. She lives by example and loves when she learns new things from her clients (ask her about “Cauliflower Rice”). Skye has taught me about eating right, working out the “right way”, and living the life you are in. I have succeeded and failed on her plan. When I succeed I know she is going to rejoice with me. When I fail, she is there to talk me through it and set me up for a future of success. I enjoy the wealth of knowledge that Skye has and I love learning from her as well as hearing her “secrets to success”. Skye has allowed me to gain health and happiness which I lacked. My biggest joy is that I hear my son repeat my desire to “workout” or “exercise”. I love that what Skye showed me has an impact on my entire family. Working with Skye will change your life in the best way possible. Thank you Skye for all you have given me and all that you will in the future as I continue to work with you!

Julie Earl: I started my journey on my own in January 2014 when I found myself weighing 234.8 lbs on my 43rd birthday. I was in size 3x tops and 20w pants, miserable and unhappy with life so I decided to make a change. I cut out soda and started walking. Come October 2014, I was at 220 lbs. Progress was slow. I started walking more, signed up for a 5k each month and cut out almost all fast food. March 2015, I reached “onederland” and was so happy with my progress of getting down to 198.8 lbs. But this is where things stopped. I couldn’t seem to lose anymore and was teetering between 198-200 for 2 1/2 months. Then one day I saw a friend “like” Skye’s Facebook page and decided to check it out. I read her whole website and decided I was worth the investment and sent her a message asking to hire her. I started with Skye on June 11, 2015, a day I will never forget. I had shared with her that I had never been in a gym, never exercised and was used to eating out all the time because it was easier being single. Let me tell you, Skye has changed all that! From day one, she has been so calm, patient, understanding, caring, encouraging, and helpful. She started me out slow and changed things up every couple weeks. Skye never overwhelmed me and just built me up a little more each session we met. She made it so I was not afraid or embarrassed to ask her questions or say “I have no clue what that machine or exercise is”. And with the nutrition plan, she was more than willing to help me tweak it if there was something I truly didn’t like to eat. This journey has not been easy. It’s been both physically and mentally exhausting, but so worth it! Skye seems to encourage at just the right times. She has truly been a blessing to me. I now look forward to getting up at 5:30 every morning to hit the gym for a 2 hour workout before work. I am seeing results and have gone thru clothes like crazy. One week they fit and the next they are falling off!! I am healthy. My body is clean and I no longer crave fast foods. I have found that cooking for one is actually easier and can be fun. And for the first time in many years, I am truly happy! I am happy to be me and to invest in me. My 12 wk plan is finished – I lost 21 lbs, 6.4% body fat, and 13.5 inches!! I still have a ways to go to reach my goal by the end of the year and will be sticking with Skye to the end!! YOU are worth the investment and SKYE will help you reach those goals every step of the way!